Hello all, the Clothesline Project will be happening on MAY 24, 2015 at Minto Park. Over the past years, months and weeks women and children have taken the time to write on t-shirts.  They have written about abuse they suffered, and about how they have found resiliency.  It is a powerful day.

Take Back the Night – Reflections


Well, we are in the midst of planning the December 6th Vigil, but we wanted to take some time to reflect on TBTN 2013.  There were many power statements and moments; here are just two of them.  The first was thanks to one of our speakers, Lula Adam, when she questioned whether we  were in need of a Canadian revolution, as women in Canada remain undervalued and underpaid.  The crowd agreed that we were, as they cheered. It is thought provoking, as women have moved towards equity, but we are far from being free of violence in our homes and on the street or paid equally.   The second moment came when, at the corner of Sussex and George, two provinces merged to become one feminist voice demanding awareness and change. For many years it has been tradition for the Gatineau feminists to hold their march on the same day and for us to come together.  Beyond being a powerful moment, it is a powerful statement to the unity of our voices.  


WEN is now on twitter and we will be marching on the streets and sharing our voices and pics online.  So if you can’t make it to the march you can follow us @OttawaWEN.  If you are at the march please share your pics and experience using #TBTNOttawa2013.

You can also find us on Facebook – Women’s Event Network.  Like us and follow to find out about our upcoming events.


The title says it all!  The TAKE BACK THE NIGHT march will be happening on SEPTEMBER 26th at MINTO PARK.  We will gather with our poster and voices at 6pm and get ready to to take the streets.  We encourage all marchers to bring your own poster boards, or T-Shirts that speak the message that we need to end harassment and violence against women. Image